Threediots is an American live action direct-to-system series created by Kate Duffy for Nintendo Video's Cocktail Hour on the Nintendo 3DS. The series follows the adventures of Burke Edwardson (voiced by Don Fanelli) and his wife Lola Edwardson (voiced by Tanisha Long). The Edwardson twins live in the city of Somerville. Along the way, they interact with the other main characters of the show: Baltasar Leetham (voiced by Ed Larson), Chazz McSlade (voiced by Ryan Farrell), and Tonya Barbara (voiced by Nichole Yannetty).

This series was intended to yield a CollegeHumor show named Showgoers For Hire. However, the series was cancelled, and Consolidated Baily produced its own make named Threediots. The show is currently on its first season, and a second season has been confirmed. A season comprises 5 episodes. Threediots is produced by Consolidated Baily, Inc., a joint venture of Nintendo Video Original Series.

Season 1 (2012)Edit

Image Title Airdate
1 1 Burke Lola Baltasar "Kin Shrimp of the Three" June 6, 2012
Burke and Lola realize whoever shrunk Baltasar.
2 2 Lightsaber "Star to Finish" June 14, 2012
Grizzled 3D filmmaker Chazz McSlade captures Burke and Lola in a net and hijacks the show.
3 3 Boulder "Save the Drama for Your Golden Llama" June 21, 2012
The show is taken over by a tech billionaire Pete Mackey.
4 4 Gladiators "Catch You Later, Gladiator" June 28, 2012
Chazz McSlade returns and screens his gladiator epic, "Double Sword".
5 5 Beware "Beware of Mug (part 1)" July 12, 2012
Burke falls under the spell of an evil happy-face mug named Mug.
6 6 Beware2 "Beware of Mug (part 2)" July 19, 2012
Burke stops Mug from enslaving all of humanity to save Lola.

Season 2 (2014-2015)Edit

Image Title Airdate
7 1 "Bad News Bear" October 23, 2015
A bear has had enough of Burke and Lola.
8 2 "Casino Nation (part 1)" November 6, 2015
The Edwardsons and crew are about to take the casino!
9 3 "Casino Nation (part 2)" November 13, 2015
This plan stinks.
10 4 "Casino Nation (part 3)" November 20, 2015
The "exciting" conclusion of the Casino Nation heist!
11 5 "Touchdowned" December 4, 2015
Yeehaw! And other yelling things.
12 6 "Beware of Blackbeard (part 1)" December 11, 2015
Another mob family has had enough of the Edwardsons.
13 7 "Beware of Blackbeard (part 2)" December 18, 2015
It's time for the war!
14 8 "Ducked and Covered" January 8, 2016
The Edwardsons need some rest. They're not gonna get it, though, but the dog is super annoying.


Image Title Airdate
1 1 "It's the Mammoth Pumpkin, Burke" October 31, 2015
Burke waits in the pumpkin patch for the Mammoth Pumpkin on Halloween.
2 2 "Burke and Lola's Chicksgiving" November 28, 2015
The Edwardsons celebrate the nine days of Chicksgiving!
3 3 "How the Threediots Stole Christmas" December 25, 2015
The Edwardsons are about to steal Christmas!
4 4 "Meat14: Lola" January 9, 2015
Thanks to an uncuccessful romance, the dinosaur duo, Yans and Gans, find a new "human" meat—Lola. Will the dinosaurs fight her? Or will Burke and Lola discuss the news report on television about Yans and Gans?

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