“Dodging my regular attacks, eh, 3D monkey? Think again! I've got quite a few question cards up my sleeve. Answer correctly, and maybe I'll go a little easier on you.”
Pete Mackey

The questions in the Cartoon Network online game Battle Royale have been sorted by order of the different series.

✔ Correct ❌ Incorrect
Question Answer
What name did Lola say erroneously? ❌ Lela ❌ Lila ✔ Lula
How did Baltasar shrink? ❌ A witch doctor casted a spell on him ❌ He fell into an indian's pool ✔ He got zapped by a statue after entering a taxi
How many Lobstermen are there? ❌ One ✔ Two ❌ Three
What is the name of the company that you work at? ✔ 20th Century Wolf ❌ 20th Century Fox ❌ 20th Century Coyote
What film did Chazz McSlade not direct? ✔ The Interdimensional Trampoline ❌ Duty Calls ❌ Double Sword
What is the name of a skunk that you pranked me with? ❌ Pesky ✔ Nasty ❌ Wasty
What color is the Golden Llama? ✔ Gold ❌ Silver ❌ Bronze
What did Burke fall under the spell of? ❌ A gerbil ✔ A coffee mug ❌ A stuffed bull terrier
Which of these stupid little people work as gas station attendants? ✔ Sally Skinner, Dennis Alcala, Alec Patrick ❌ Sally Skipper, Dennis Alcantar, Alec Patricia ❌ Malley Skinner, Denny Alcala, Alex Patrick
Which one of the silly fruit do you use for action? ❌ Strawberry ✔ Lemon ❌ Grapes
Which television station do you work at? ✔ WWFT ❌ WFXT ❌ WCET
Why do I love Down Under? ❌ It has an outback ❌ It has a temple ✔ It is where Burke and Lola went down and under
What color is Baltasar's helmet? ❌ Red ✔ Green ❌ Orange
How many faces does the Threediots logo have? ❌ Five ✔ Six ❌ Eight
Where does Duty Calls take place? ❌ In a jungle ❌ In a small town ✔ In outer space
What trap was in my temple lair? ❌ A cage ❌ A trapdoor ✔ A boulder
Where does Double Sword take place? ✔ In Rome ❌ In a medieval kingdom ❌ In a haunted mansion
How many letters are in my last name? ✔ One Plus Five (6) ❌ Nine Minus Four (5) ❌ Fourteen Divided By Two (7)
What is the name of the gas station located in Somerville? ❌ DQ Gasoline ❌ Nutshell ✔ Sonic Kaboom
What symbol was on Burke's coffee mug? ❌ A peace sign ✔ A blue smiley face ❌ A clover
What TV rating has Threediots got? ❌ TV-Y7 ✔ TV-PG ❌ TV-G
Which of these is true? ❌ Chazz McSlade has run Baltasar out of business ❌ There are 4 Lobstermen ✔ Burke has saved Lola from the clutches of Mug
Which Nintendo 3DS revision is incapable of displaying 3D images? ❌ Nintendo 3DS ❌ Nintendo 3DS XL ✔ Nintendo 2DS
Which company produced the Nintendo Video series Threediots? ❌ Nintendo ✔ Consolidated Baily ❌ Cartoon Network Studios
What is my last name spelled backwards? ✔ Yekcam (Mackey) ❌ Yekam (Makey) ❌ Yeckaem (Meackey)
What did Chazz McSlade use to get rid of the alien? ❌ A vacuum cleaner ❌ A laser gun ✔ A plasma blade
Before you met me, which boss character had the most energy? ❌ Mug ✔ The Lobstermen ❌ Chazz McSlade
What year did the first season first air in on Nintendo Video? ❌ 2011 ❌ 2013 ✔ 2012
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