Threediots Territory

Chicksgiving is a holiday celebrated by the people of Somerville. When Burke and Lola come to visit Tonya, they celebrate this holiday with his family over a nine-day period. It is a parody of the animal, chicken, and the regular Thanksgiving.


Chicksgiving lasts for nine days, much to the burden of Burke and Lola who was tormented and starved the entire duration of it.

Day One[]

The first day of Chicksgiving.

“On the first day of Chicksgiving, we make Chicksgiving soup!”

Burke and Lola put a chicken on the ropes, but after Lola cut the rope to put a chicken in a pot, the chicken escapes, so Tonya yells at Burke and Lola.

Day Two[]

The second day of Chicksgiving.

“On the second day of Chicksgiving, we watch a Chicken Bowl!”

Burke, Lola, Tonya, and her pet chicken watch a Chicken Bowl. However, when We're Here to Kick it to You Straight Up plays, the chicken screams and runs out.

Day Three[]

The third day of Chicksgiving.

“On the third day of Chicksgiving, we drop Chicksgiving Chick!”

Lola walks out of his house, when a chicken drops from the sky and crushes her.

Day Four[]

The fourth day of Chicksgiving.

“On the fourth day of Chicksgiving, we drop another Chick!”

Burke quickly runs back inside of his house. He stops for a moment at the door frame, breathing a sigh of relief when he thinks he's safe, and then is crushed by another falling chicken as soon as he walks into his house.

Day Five[]

The fifth day of Chicksgiving.

“On the fifth day of Chicksgiving, we make Chicksgiving art!”

Burke and Lola are making arts and crafts by making a picture of a chicken, though Tonya's pet chicken draws a picture of Burke and Lola.

Day Six[]

The sixth day of Chicksgiving.

“On the sixth day of Chicksgiving, we tell Chicksgiving tales!”

When Burke, Lola, and Tonya tell her pet chicken each other's story, Burke tells a scary story about the Big Bad Wolf.

Day Seven[]

The seventh day of Chicksgiving.

“On the seventh day of Chicksgiving, we visit Chicken World!”

When, Burke, Lola, Tonya and her pet chicken eat ice cream at Chicken World, the chicken jacks Lola's ice cream.

Day Eight[]

The eighth day of Chicksgiving.

“On the eighth day of Chicksgiving, we have Chicksgiving Feast!”
“A feast!? Thank you choir! I have not eaten in eight days!”

Burke and Lola, who apparently has not eaten anything in the past eight days, cannot wait to finally have Chicksgiving feast. That is until Tonya reveals what they were having: salad with thorny twigs and tartar sauce, pipping hot goat-meal, pickled honey badger feet, and the main course stick bugs on a stick made of stick bugs. Burke picks up one of the stick bugs and he is swarmed by tons of tiny smaller bugs. He then ends up on his Tonya's pet goat which runs out of the house with Burke and Lola on its back while Tonya chases after it with a bloodhound, but she realizes that the dog is too small.

Day Nine[]

The ninth day of Chicksgiving.

“On the ninth day of Chicksgiving, we have a Chick attack!”
“Wait! Did the choir just say "Chick Attack"!?”
“We did!”

A huge flock of chickens rushes into Tonya's kitchen, stampeding over Burke and Lola.