Chicken World
Location: Somerville
First appearance: Burke and Lola's Chicksgiving

Chicken World is a theme park in Somerville. The park first appeared in Burke and Lola's Chicksgiving where Burke and Lola had just spend the day there. It also appeared in "Too Chicken," where the Daredevil Chicken was introduced. Chicken World once again appeared on "Chicken Cavern". On that episode, the ride "Chicken Cavern" was introduced.

Chicken World sells various chicken-themed products, including chicksicles, chicken-shaped balloons, chicken lights, chicken action figures, chicken for chicken action figures, chicken hats, chicken candy dispensers, and chicken-flavored chicken candy.

In "Too Chicken", Chicken World opened their new ride, the "Daredevil Chicken," It is a roller coaster that stretches to above the surface of the sky. Chicken World has one other roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a spinning ride, a merry-go-round, swings, and "The Peeper," which is a kiddie ride. Chicker is the mascot of the theme park.

Chicken World has a mascot, Chicker. He appeared in "Too Chicken" when Burke and Lola rode the Daredevil Chicken. They decided to get a picture taken with Chicker. Eventually, Lola got close enough to Chicker to get his picture taken.

Rides & AttractionsEdit

  • The Peeper is a children's ride. Burke and Lola used to love the ride. When they rode the ride in "Too Chicken," they were excited when the car went up and down the small hill. The child who went on the ride with them was less scared, almost to the point of boredom. The Peeper is a tiny roller coaster for infants, with a baby chicken in the background and a sign displaying the name.
  • Daredevil Chicken is the largest roller coaster in Chicken World, which was opened in the episode, "Too Chicken." Riders must wear helmets, be taped to the seat, and sign a waiver before riding.
  • Ferris Wheel is a regularly seen ride.
  • Merry-Go-Round is a regularly seen ride.
  • Swings is a regularly seen ride.
  • Big Dipper is a regularly seen ride.
  • Chicken Cavern is a ride where Burke and Lola rode on in the episode of the same name. During the ride, problems were created.
  • Unnamed cafe that sells ice cream, where Burke, Lola, Tonya, and her pet chicken went to eat at in the episode Burke and Lola's Chicksgiving
  • Drop Tower
  • Glove Drop
  • Tilt-A-Hurl
  • Hall of Mirrors is a "Hall" that shows wacky mirror's to make people look funny.
  • Chicken Castle is a castle that seems to be considered a playground with Chicken Lake in front of it.


  • Chicken Hats
  • Chicken Action Figures - there are also chicken for those action figures
  • Chicken Lights
  • Chicken Lights
  • Chicken Candy Dispenser - the candy dispenser is in the shape of a chicken, and the candy is chicken-flavored not fruit-flavored


  • Chicken World is a parody of Walt Disney World.
  • Chicken Cavern is a parody of "Tunnel of Love"
  • There is a mascot at Chicken World called Chicker.
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